— Conegliano Valdobbiadene

The pilgrim’s abbey

A new home for pilgrims in the heart of Follina’s best known religious complex

As part of its mission for life and faith in the Christian way, The Abbey of Santa Maria di Follina opens its doors to pilgrims and visitors keen to learn more about the principles and symbols of holy life. From September 9th 2017 the Abbey will be able to provide visitors with an even warmer welcome as the restructuring work on the east wing of the Abbey will be complete creating a space of around 1000sqm which will include a new space dedicated to pilgrims in the Abbey’s apartment complex. The restoration of the original plastering and frescoed walls brought to light work dating from 15th and 16th centuries. For some time now the Abbey has wanted to offer the ever-increasing numbers of pilgrims and visitors a richer set of amenities and provide hospitality for them in the beautiful abbey complex in the heart of Follina. The Abbey is a fabulous example of Cistercian architecture much admired over the centuries for its classic forms, for the many sculptures that adorn the complex and for the silence which reigns over all, in the cloisters, the chapels and other areas inside and out.

This uniquely beautiful building must, of course, be preserved in the best possible way for future generations and fortunately both public and private money has been raised for this purpose from across the area. Today the Follina Abbey – thanks in no small part to the close relationship between the parish (run by 102 years by the monks from the Ordine dei Servi di Maria), the diocese of Vittorio Veneto, the Beato Toniolo. Le vie dei Santi Diocesan Institute, to a significant contribution from the Veneto Region and donations from local businesses and families – is newly resplendent with all areas restored. The Abbey now forms part of the Diocesan religious tourism project and has rooms for groups, families and anyone looking for a return to a simple existence in a place which is authentically spiritual and dedicated to prayer, research, culture and learning. There are nine fully en-suite rooms in an area of 450sqm and these can sleep up to 20 guests. There are communal areas as well as offices and other spaces, liturgical and non. For more info: