— Conegliano Valdobbiadene

In brief

4 KM

Between San Pietro di Barbozza, Santo Stefano and Saccol, villages in the commune of Valdobbiadene, there is an itinerary through the countryside approximately 10 km long, called the “Anello del Prosecco” (“Prosecco Ring”). The route goes through the vineyards of Cartizze, the top-quality area of the Denomination, which is entirely south-facing. The route can be taken at any time of year, although the months we recommend are between March and October. You start from San Pietro di Barbozza, a picturesque hamlet where you can visit VignArte, a permanent installation of wooden sculpture in the midst of the vineyards, created on the occasion of sculpture symposia in the area.

From the main square you head northwards, crossing the centre of the little village and taking the roads that rise towards Mount Cesen. From the oratory you arrive, along an easy-to-climb dirt road, at the Church of Sant’Alberto, a look-out point from which you can admire the vine-clad hills and even, on particularly clear days, the Lagoon of Venice, the Colli Euganei and the Monti Berici. Descending along path 1019A, you arrive at the convent of the Frati Minori Conventuali where, in a location overlooking the valley, there lies the Immacolata di Lourdes sanctuary. Taking a short stretch of the Provincial Road that leads to Combai and turning right into Via Treziese, where there is a particular inn (osteria) “without a host”, you join the Strada Mont, a farm track that runs along the top of the Golden Pentagon, the 107 hectares of the Cartizze sub-zone. By means of the Pianer road you descend as far as Saccol, before continuing and finding yourself – after visiting any number of vineyards and wineries – back at your starting point.

The ring can be negotiated on foot or on mountain bikes, also with the assistance of expert guides. These excursions can be booked, following the indications given on the website of the Consorzio Valdobbiadene.