— Conegliano Valdobbiadene

Picture-postcard landscapes from Valdobbiadene to Conegliano

In brief

57,5 km

Even if longish stretches of the historic route of the Strada del Prosecco are included here, new ones have in fact been added, aimed at showing off the various viticultural landscapes and the numerous historical and artistic attractions. Starting from Valdobbiadene, the heart of production in the Denomination with its very steep vineyards that have to be worked entirely by hand, proceed towards the “Rive” of Guia: the views will take your breath away. Continuing towards Campea, you will note how the characteristic rural fabric of the area has been well preserved, in a harmonious fusion between the natural landscape and the works of man. When you reach Pedeguarda, you climb towards Farrò, where the vineyards leave increasingly more space for woodland. Soon you will see the pretty little village of Rolle, defined by poet Andrea Zanzotto as a “postcard sent by the gods” and today one of the Italian National Trust’s “Places of the Heart”. The itinerary then winds through the little villages of Arfanta, Tarzo, Corbanese, Cozzuolo, Carpesica and Ogliano, before finishing in the historic city centre of Conegliano. Here the oldest part of the centre, the “Contrada Granda” (now Via XX Settembre) is well worth a visit Here you will find the Duomo (Cathedral), which contains an altarpiece painted by Cima and the Sala dei Battuti, an absolute must for art lovers.