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Relive medieval times

The Medieval Days in Vittorio Veneto
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Nothing dark at all about those ages, the Medieval times, an age of great social, cultural and scientific upheaval, a period of great development for the Treviso province. The Medieval Days event, held on the first weekend in October in Vittorio Veneto, is dedicated to one of the Treviso province’s most storied families, the Da Camino, and gives enthusiasts the opportunity to dress up as knights, dames and court jesters. Descended from another famous local family, the Collalto, the De Camino initially ruled over an area outside Oderzo (from where they took their name) before expanding their lands to include Ceneda (where they took over the castle at Serravalle which would become one of their most important residences), Belluno and Treviso where they reigned in the 1st and 2nd centuries.

The Medieval Days event is organised by the Undicigradi historical association and aims to foster understanding of the part of history which spans from 1000 to 1400, a time during which Ceneda and Serravalle (today together known as Vittorio Veneto) were considered important strategic centres. The event includes labs for kids on Saturday afternoon where they can learn about Medieval life and then there will be shows with fire eaters in the evening. The Historic Parade will be held on Sunday morning which will end its course at Castrum di Serravalle. Sunday afternoon will be dedicated to battles, more labs and other performances.


Saturday 7th and Sunday 9th October
Vittorio Veneto
Info: 0438 57243 – 347 5192567 –


[This article was originally published in the Visit Conegliano Valdobbiadene magazine, issue Autumn Winter 2017. The magazine is available here]